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Paunch check-in for September 2009

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

I dropped the ball with no August update. Fortunately my weight has continued to slowly decline and I’ve finally managed to weigh-in below 70kg.

I haven’t resumed running properly, although I did go on one run a couple of weeks ago. The weather is now warming up, so I should get back into it soon!

I’ve committed to the two hundred squats program. It’s not really focused around losing weight, but I think increasing the strength of the largest muscles in my body will be beneficial for running. I’ve also been doing a single set of push ups in the morning and at night.

I really think all the weight I have lost has come from diet control though. Eating according to how much energy I burn seems to be the key.

Here are my stats:

Stat Amount
Weight 69.6kg
Chest 86cm
Waist 84cm
Hips 87cm
Thighs 58cm