Protein Shakes

Written by Mike on June 2nd, 2009

Zyliss ShakerThese days almost everyone who exercises in an effort to build muscle takes protein supplements. These are often in the form of protein powder taken with milk. The protein powder is usually whey protein (extracted from milk) as it’s cheap and easily assimilated into the body.

Unfortunately it has a very chalky taste that can be quite unpleasant. I discovered this the hard way after purchasing some vanilla Aussie Bodies Perfect Protein and trying to mix it into some milk with a spoon. It didn’t dissolve at all and it became very chunky and lumpy. Next time I tried dissolving it in boiling water and adding milk in later but to no avail.

This is where the Protein Shakers come in. They essentially consist of a water bottle with a basic filter lodged inside of it. After pouring in the milk and the protein powder, you put the filter back in and the lid back on and then shake the mix together for about ten seconds. This mixes the powder evenly in the milk so that it’s not lumpy and you can’t taste its chalky texture.

The only Protein Shaker I have used is the Zyliss Shake N’ Go Shaker, which I picked up in a House store for $9.95. This is a general purpose Shaker but I found it worked very well with protein powder. The only problem was that the markings on the bottle have begun to melt off. This was quite disappointing because it was only ever hand-washed in the sink, so it should really have been able to handle those temperatures. Normally I wouldn’t be too fussed about this but the melted markings are sticky and actually smell bad, so it’s not very nice to drink out of any more.

Another method to prepare more interesting protein shakes is by using a blender. Just some banana, protein powder and milk is enough to make quite a tasty drink, although the more banana you add the frothier it becomes. I don’t really like it being too frothy so I’ve tended to just use the shaker. Obviously you can use all sorts of ingedients for this, but a blender will set you back around $50.


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