The Great Milk Experiment

Written by Mike on April 6th, 2009

(Note: This post is currently a work in progress.)

I have regular full-cream milk on my cereal every morning for breakfast. It’s an import food because it contains a lot of vitamins and high quality proteins that are easily absorbed by the body.

There are many kinds of milk available in a regular supermarkets – the variety is quite surprising. The two most obvious reasons there are so many is for lower-fat alternatives and working around allergies/intolerances.

While trying to control my paunch size I have been tempted to try different varieties of milk to reduce my fat intake. Here’s a summary of all the different kinds of milk I have tried.

Summary of Milk Types

Full Cream (Coles – Full Cream)

This is the ‘control’ milk that I have been having most of my life. Obviously this is going to bias my outlook but I figure most people would be in the same situation.

Light (Dairy Farmers – Lite White)

Similar to full cream but with some of the fat removed.

Skim (Dairy Farmers – Shape No Fat)

Skim milk is like light milk but it has less than 1% fat.

Soy (Sanitarium – So Good Regular)

Due to lactose intolerance, my siblings grew up on this milk. In the last few years the varieties of it have exploded.

Fat Free Soy (Sanitarium – So Good Fat Free)

This type of soy milk feels like an unfortunate experiment that involved sucking the taste out and leaving a rather dull sort of chalk-water behind. The liquid is still white, but only barely. It seems to fare pretty well nutritionally if you’re serious about cutting out fat (99.9% fat free is quite a feat), the question is whether you can handle the untaste.

Rice (Pureharvest)

The taste of rice milk reminded me a little of soy milk  but a lot weaker. I expected it to be white in colour but it actually had a bit of a brown tinge. Nutritionally speaking, it was rather devoid, although you can get calcium-enriched versions. The main problem I had with it was that it was very low in protein.


I don’t like almond nuts, particularly their aftertaste. Somehow they managed to extract the pure aftertaste of these nuts and turn it into a light brown milk. I’m not sure why I thought it would be any different but it tasted terrible! It was the most expensive milk out of the lot too. It was so bad I never even had the strength to finish off the carton.

Goat (Nanny Goat Lane – Goat Milk)




Nutritional Statistics

100mL" border="0">
Type Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Calcium (mg)
Full Cream 3.3 3.6 4.7 114
Light 3.9 1.4 5.5 134
Skim 4.8 0.1 6.7 163
Soy 3.4 3.4 5.0 120
Fat Free Soy 3.5 0 5.1 120
Rice 0.3 1.1 9.8 n/a
Almond 0.3 0.4 9.1 3
Goat 3.2 3.4 4.0 105
Oat 3.2 2.8 6.2 3

For the nutritional information I didn’t have on-hand, I used ClubOptiSlim’s Food Database.


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