Review: MyoTape Body Tape Measure

Written by Mike on March 15th, 2009

I recently purchased a MyoTape Body Tape Measure to replace my regular tailor’s tape measure. I picked it up for $9.95 at Amino Z.

Its main selling point to me was its ability to provide consistent measurements. A common problem with measuring body parts is that it’s easy to pull too tight or not tight enough on the tape, skewing the results from one measurement to the next. The MyoTape uses its own internal resistance, which will (hopefully) be the same each time it’s used.

It is quite straightforward to use. The tape is connected to both ends of the retracting device, but you can unhook one side of it. You can then pull it out as long as you like, loop it around the desired body part and slot the side back in. Once around the body part, you press a button to retract the tape and it will continue retracting until it fits snugly around the body part. The measurement can then be read in either inches of centimetres.

The device seems quite sturdy so far, although I haven’t had time to put it through much punishment yet. I’ve also found that the unhookable side comes off a bit too easily, but with some more practice I doubt this will continue to be an issue. It appears to be made by an Australian company (MyoPure), so that’s a bonus for any local readers.

In conclusion, it looks like a very good product for anyone who needs to take a lot of body measurements.


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